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Clean Up Any Pesky Hairs



Waxing provides a wonderful opportunity to save time shaving, threading, and/or plucking consistently. The Studio Esthetics’ high-quality wax is tested to ensure safe use for all skin types, including sensitive skin. See our waxing services below!

At this time, we ask that you book an appointment either through our online booking service or by phone at 218-491-1810. Walk-ins will not be granted at this time. 

lip waxing
armpit underarm wax


Lip Wax
30 min

Clean up your upper lip area with this waxing service

Underarm Wax
30 min

Smooth out and clean up your underarm region

Brow Wax
30 min

Clean up your brows with this waxing service

Brow Wax + Tint
30 min

Darken your brows while also cleaning up any excess brow hairs

Full Face Wax
40 min

Lip, chin, cheeks, and brows expertly cleaned up


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